about me

About Me

I’m Jo and I am a certified lover of all things design. I am a passionate designer with an unquenchable thirst for creativity and a heart full of stories. Armed with a degree in Graphic design and a major in Communication, I focus on brand identities and website design, but I really do love creating anything and everything.

This is my dog Poppy, she’s the CEO, but she doesn’t do much…


I know design.

I’ve headed design teams for a number of national brands and agencies in Australia and have helped them improve their branding and increase engagement and interaction with their audience. Some of the most notable clients were Schnitz and TGI Fridays. At Schnitz I was the head of design where I created all national campaigns, re-designed and built their website and designed and managed their loyalty program. At TGI Fridays I re-designed the branding to match the female-focused audience more, which was then used across all of the USA restaurants.

A few more important things about me…

I love dogs, wine, food, snowboarding and reading. I’m down-to-earth and weird in the best ways possible.

What truly sets me apart is the blend of down-to-earth authenticity and delightful eccentricity that defines me. I embrace the quirks that make me who I am, understanding that it’s these very idiosyncrasies that infuse character into my work. It’s through this unique lens that I channel my creativity, blending the practical with the imaginative to craft designs that not only captivate but also connect. Your experience with me goes beyond the ordinary; it’s a collaborative journey where your brand’s personality is not just captured but amplified, ensuring that every project is a true reflection of your distinct identity.

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My mission.

I believe in your business, your goals, and your story. With a thoughtful approach, I will craft a brand that amplifies your personality and core values through unique and inspiring design.

I specialise in taking everyday products and services and making them stand out in the market. I deliver a full brand experience that will help you reach a new audience and be a leader in your industry. From fresh branding, campaign development, and website design to social media strategy, I bring a dynamic touch to every aspect of your brand, ensuring it not only stands out but also leaves a lasting impression in the competitive landscape.

I am constantly researching new styles, trends and techniques to make sure every brand I work on is fresh and inspiring. I aim to become familiar with you, your story, and your goals, so I can clearly communicate to your customers through amazing branding. I’ll make your brand feel like an extension of your purpose and passion, through a completely raw and authentic design.

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My Goals

I am constantly researching new styles, trends and techniques to make sure every brand I work on is fresh and inspiring.

I bring a distinctive blend of creativity and innovation to every project. Your experience with me is more than a transaction; it’s a collaboration that transforms ideas into visually stunning realities. With a bold and fun personality infused into my work, I aim to make your brand stand out in the physical and digital realm. I thrive on injecting a touch of humor and smart design solutions into each project, ensuring that your vision not only meets but exceeds expectations. Let’s embark on a design adventure together, where uniqueness is not just a promise, but a guarantee.

Want to get to know more about me or how I work? Get in touch and let’s make some magic!