Premade Brand Kits

Semi-custom brand kits that take the guesswork out of branding so you can market your business with confidence.


These brands are ideal for business owners on a tight budget and timeline, but who still value having a unique and professional looking brand to represent their business effectively.

Brand Kits







Why you need this

You don’t have a bucket load of cash to drop on custom branding but are desperate for something that feels a bit more true-to-you!

You want to put your best foot forward with a solid brand identity that you’re proud of and that speaks to the quality of your products or services.

Your time is limited and you don’t have hours to play the guessing game when you’ll end up back at square one getting lost in the process.

You need enough variety in your branding to create cohesive and consistent marketing. Plus you want something that feels unique and artistic.

The Process

NO. 1

If you love one of the Brand Kit’s and want to make it yours, just send through an enuiry and let me know which one you want, and any details about your brand.

NO. 2

Once confirmed, I will send you an invoice for the purchase. Once payment is obtained, the brand will officially be yours and will be taken off the shop.

NO. 3

I will be in contact with you about custimising the copy, colours and fonts. Once received, expect a proof within 2-3 business days. You will then get one round of revisions.

NO. 4

Once I have final approval of the designs,  I will save all of the files for print and web, prepare your Brand Style Guide, and send them to you, to start using your brand straight away!

Do you sell your brands more than once?

Absolutely not. Once you pay for your brand, I will remove it from the Brand Kit and never sell it again. It is yours, and yours only. 

Can I see the design with my brand name before purchasing?

Unfortunately not, but I will be happy to tell you if your name will work or not though before purchase. 

I love one of the brands but would like to make a lot of changes

If you love one of the brands but would like some major font or layout changes, an extra fee of $150 will be included in the total cost. This will include a proof with said changes and one round of revisions. Extra round of revisions will be billed at $50 per revision. 

Can I change the fonts?

It depends. If you have one in mind and you know 100% that it is the one you want to use, then yes. If I don’t have access to the font however, I will have to invoice you for that purchase. I can also change smaller text (say from a sans serif to a serif etc).

Can I get it in one day?

If you need your brand ready in 24 hours, an additional fee of $350 is required along with expedited communication on your part. Please let me know if this is the case for you when you get in touch. 

Can I add on items to a premade brand?

Absolutely! You may add on any collateral marketing pieces, the social media suite, extra patters, etc. Just please let me know and I will provide a custom quote for you. 

Love one of the brand kits and want to make it your own? Let me know which one you’d like